Medicaid & Medicare



The high cost of long term care

Are you considering a nursing home, assisted living facility or other long-term care for a loved one?  Do you want to protect your future and your assets in the event that you ever need long term care?  


Some people only need to stay in a nursing home for a short period of time but most stay for much longer as they need 24 hour care that their families cannot provide.  Medicare does not cover an extended stay in long term care leaving families to pay it out of pocket, with long term care insurance or through Tennessee's Medicaid  Tenncare program.  


The average cost of long-term care in Tennessee costs is $5,000 to $7,000 per month.   Most families with cannot afford to pay privately and do not have any or adequate long-term care insurance.  Many families plan for their retirement and make estate plans but neglect to make plans to protect their assets should they need long term care.  


Why choose an elder law attorney for Medicaid planning

An elder law attorney can meet with you and your family to develop a plan to protect family resources should you or a loved one need long term care.    

By planning at least five years before care is required, many of your assets can be preserved with the assistance of an elder law attorney.  Even if you do not plan ahead and the need for long term care is imminent, there are multiple strategies that may be used to protect your assets.  We can advise you on what you may be able to do get you qualified for Medicaid and to protect your assets.