Estate Planning

What is “Estate Planning”?

Estate Planning is about making sure the people you love (and that includes you) benefit from your assets, with the right people in charge at the right times. 


It means you are in charge now, and those you trust have authority when you are incapacitated. It means planning with certainty, instead of leaving to chance who gets what by joint tenancy and death beneficiary designations. It means those you love receive an inheritance from you in a way that they can control (if appropriate), not their creditors or (ex-) spouses. It means reducing unnecessary taxes when you die. 


It means passing on important funds for your special needs loved one without disrupting critically important benefits.


Why is “Estate Planning” so important?

A comprehensive estate plan can give you much needed peace of mind. While no one wants to consider their own mortality, a proactive approach can ensure that your loved ones are financially cared for in the future.

We assist clients with creating:

  • Wills and Trusts

  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney

  • Health Care Powers of Attorney

  • Advanced Medical Directives (living wills)

  • Guardianship Filings

  • Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

  • Buy/sell Agreements

  • Medicaid Applications

  • IRA Beneficiary Arrangements


Anybody can benefit from a personalized Estate Plan

From younger couples wanting to set up a guardianship for their child to elderly adults with significant assets. Located in White House, Tennessee, we take great pride in constructing comprehensive estate plans, which account for our clients exact legal wishes. We also handle estate planning for farmers, estate planning for blended families, and planning services for those with disabilities. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their situation and needs, so we can tailor a plan specific for them.

Helping You Create the best Estate Plan

Whether you have already started the process of estate planning or need help with the development of a plan, we are ready and able to assist you. The strategies available to protect your assets and minimize the tax liability faced by your estate continue to change. That is why we constantly use the latest estate planning tools to achieve those goals. 

Paying Attention to Details

The estate planning process at our office involves an in-depth interview to identify your needs and overall goals for the estate plan. Together, we will review your financial data and any other pertinent background information. You may discover that you have more needs than you originally thought.